Lazy Brook Healing Centre

Hypnosis is a gentle and yet powerful tool. It can be used for :

Weight Loss
To Stop Smoking
Past Life Regression
Eliminating Fears or Phobias
Pain Relief
Grief or Anger
Boosting self-esteem
Improving Sports abilities
& more

Weight Loss

Hypnosis is proven to be one of the best & safest methods for weight loss. We travel deep into the subconscious mind and eliminate old self-defeating thought patterns, replacing them with positive ones.

You need only bring with you, the desire for weight loss, an open mind, and the willingness to cooperate with your hypnotist.

As you know, everything takes time, and weight loss is not an exception. You don’t gain it all in a day nor do you loose it all in one day, although a single session of hypnosis may be all that’s required for some.

Hypnotic suggestions will, over time become permanent. We therefore recommend a series of 6 sessions over a six week period, & we teach you self-hypnosis, so you can do your own reinforcement, on a regular basis.

Stop Smoking

Hypnosis is a safe, easy, drug-free method of turning a person into a Non-Smoker, and shows the highest success rates of all smoking cessation methods, including nicotine patches.

As a non smoker, you’ll save thousands of dollars this year, and each year hereafter, restore your body to a health state, and make you feel wonderfully proud and successful of your accomplishment.

It only requires that you truly, and completely want to become a non-smoker, not because someone else wants it for you, like your spouse or Doctor, but that YOU are ready to make the committment for YOU.

No one - not even the greatest hypnotist in the world, can make you quit cigarettes, unless you Really WANT it to happen.

Here’s how hypnosis will work for you:

  • assists in relieving or completely eliminating withdrawal symptoms
  • helps to get rid of the patterns
  • builds up your motivation
  • creates the sense of pride and success
  • eliminates cravings
  • combats stress and anxiety

Hypnotic suggestions will, over time become permanent.. We recommend a series of 3 sessions over a 7 to 10 day period, & we teach you self-hypnosis, so you can do your own reinforcement, on a regular basis.

Being a non-smoker is so easy, and it makes you feel healthy, and successful.


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